The Truth Behind the Bonus ‘Rake’

When you hear of the term “rake,” you might jump to the conclusion that you need to round up a bunch of your friends and hop a round. However, what you do not know is that the word “rake” is actually a small tool used by the online poker websites to assist and incentive their dealers. Online poker websites have what are called “dealer buttons” or “rollers.”

A “rake,” (the term is actually a method of calculating the pot amount, just like the payout or rake you apply to your hand when you win) is a commission taken from the pot, by the website’s dealer, at the beginning of each hand. It’s their way of making their profit in addition to their commission.

Statistically speaking, the game of poker takes about forty-percent of the total Texas Hold’em pot money as its own “commission.” So, if the total amount of rake taken by the dealer during one hand is $1,000, then the player will get $100, or 20%, of that $1,000 going to the player. Additionally, the website will get a percentage of every dollar the player bets.

The term is actually a misnomer, as even though the word “rake” includes a rakeback as part of the fee, the rakeback is really a bonus offered by poker sites. What does a poker site gain by offering a bonus, rather than a rake? Obviously, the primary reason.

For decades, the slot machines were really the only big money maker for casinos. And, casinos were happy to leave the tables alone, knowing that the slot players would soon move on to roulette or blackjack. But, the online industry has changed all of that.

The online casinos have a lot of slots to offer and a lot of games to offer them. A lot of gambling fans have flocked to the net to find that they can play blackjack and roulette online, and that the experience can be as thrilling as if they were actually at the casino. But, also there are players who are attracted to the prospect of a game of Texas Hold’em poker, or of craps in their online casinos.

Texas Hold’em is a game that is sometimes played just for pretend money, but it is up to the individual to choose whether or not the money is real or not. The only real requirement is that the player is  establish that the game was actually played for real money.

It is also the easiest game to learn, since the objective is more oriented on how to play the game, than which cards to play. The only element of traditional poker is left out, since almost everyone knows what the cards stand for in the game.

In Texas Hold’em, the element of bluffing is gone, as everyone is forced to bet or check (sometimes fold, but that is another story). Instead, the player is attempting to gain control over the pot by making a strong hand, whether it be a high pair or Ace-King combination, or a possible bluff.

When learning how to play Dewalive, it is best to learn the basic rules and strategy of the individual game. Learn the values of your cards, and how to use your cards to help you gain control of the game. Once you have developed a strong hand, then you can employ a variety of tactics, such as bluffing, or raising the pot when you have a strong hand. But first, you must learn how to play.