The Secret Winning Blackjack Systems

Blackjack is one of the most beatable card games out there. data sgp Players with good card counting skills can push the edge against the house, and with a little practice, can even have a / nearly even chance of winning. Card counting is of limited value if the house is using basic strategy, which is the supposition that decks of 52 cards will be used, one deck of each card type played. This can be rarely changed, except in special circumstances such as shuffling machines.

It is however, a lot easier to win at blackjack than you may think. The reason is, the house has little to lose when it is playing with a basic strategy, because they are paying an optimal amount to the card counters every time. The card counters are truly in an advantage when they are counting, because they are making a rational decision where the odds are certainly in their favour. Card counting therefore is not a predictive theory, but is really a probability theory that can accurately predicts the card count, AND the odds of the cards coming out of the deck.

The Secret Winning Blackjack Systems

(Note: There’s a common misconception that card counting is unbalanced, or even backwards, it’s simply a count from 0 to +1, and -1 to -1. It’s like learning to sum numbers. data sdyney Some kids learn addition by counting. I do, and also do better with addition, and don’t count. I’ll get to why I prefer summing in a minute. It’s a subtle difference.)

Blackjack card counting is therefore a proposition, a system of odds. If you have a better system of odds, you will win over time. (And I believe you can win over time with a better system of odds. Please let me know if you want me to send you a system I use or a proof of each system so you can compare. I’ll be more than happy to do so.)

The fact that blackjack card counting works means it is possible to win at blackjack

The fact that blackjack card counting works means it is possible to win at blackjack. Cards coming out of the deck have no effect on odds, only odds. Cards only affect the odds on the next card, or the next round, or the next spin of the wheel, but do not affect the odds on the very basis of their coming out.

In brief, therefore, card counting is NOT a predictive theory. It is not meant to be used in order to make a predictive theory. It is though to assist you in hand odds, enabling you to beat the house edge. Whether you want to call this edge the house edge, or not, is of no consequence. Because it is your hand, your decision as to whether or not to adhere to the house edge, makes you a better player.

The house edge is 4.7% for every 100 hands you play. The house edge is the percentage the casino will win four of every 100 hands you play against them. Whether you call it the house edge, or some other name, the fact remains that it is the house edge. This is the way it should be recognized and it is the only way to win at blackjack.

Other Blackjack systems exist, but they are ultimately worthless for the simple reason that no one has yet to discover a way to beat the house edge. If they did discover such a way, then everyone would quit playing blackjack and the game of blackjack would not exist. Please see my other articles for blackjack systems that do work, and learn how to win at blackjack

The fact that no one can beat the house edge means that the only way to win at blackjack is to be a better player, and a better player can only beat the house edge if you play more hands per hour. Blackjack can and should be thought of as more than just a game of luck. The casinos want your money, but you want to take their money. The way to do both is to understand the game, and play the odds. That’s why you should always bet more than the minimum when playing blackjack, and understand when to quit, when you are winning too much, or when you are losing too much.

The fact that no one can beat the house edge means that the only people who will lose more than they will win at blackjack are those arbitrage players who play a game with no edge. These players, who are educated in a way that prior research did not think it could be done, have found a way to beat the game and the casinos who encourage this are the Winners.

This fact doesn’t make for a good reason to gamble, but it does give one an excuse to gamble. Is it something one would want to do? Yes!

However, even with the knowledge that the casinos can’t beat the odds, people still attempt to find a way to win. There are various systems that have been developed over the years to help you in your quest to win at blackjack.

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