suckout death , aka suck out a poker term?

suck out a poker term(s) is when a player has a pretty good hand, usually a high pair, and either does not maximize his advantage or alternatively overates his hand, either by calling too much or too small a bet. Wasting a single bet by calling a bet at a time when you should be getting away with a raise, or going all-in when you should be Value Betting to get the maximum return are classic examples of suck-out poker terms.

Furthermore, a classic example of suck-out poker terms is when a player accidentally folds his hand to a raise, rather than raising big with a good hand. This provides an opportunity for the opponent to try and steal the pot with a good hand (usually a high pair) on a later street.

A further example of theseare poker hand values. The termmeaning ‘aces and face cards’ is a common shorthanded poker colloquialism; in short, that is, it means jacks and bells. The value of the cards depends on the situation: aces are worth either +1 or -1, face cards are worth either +1 or -1, whilst the middle card value (the ‘kicker’) is not normally considered to be a card and therefore can be assigned any value.

So, based on the value of your hand, you can determine whether or not you should continue to play. However, there are some situations where you would be better off not playing, even if you are the favourite to win. Let’s say you have called on the button with a standard opening bet of 4 blinds, and the flop produces an Ace. You have top pair. Should you bet again? I will give you myinge as to why you should, or shouldn’t, bet.

First of all, if you’re lucky enough to be in the right situation, you will probably manage to pick up a big pot. All of your opponents dreams would be broken. If you try to steal the blinds in early position, or even from the button, you’re risking the chance that one of your opponents will have a better hand. Chances are, they will have something better than you. However, if you are in late position, or on the button, you can take a more subtle approach at stealing the blinds, and there are no risks from the blinds – it is theoretically advantageous to you to try and steal them.

But, you’re not guaranteed to win. If your hand is beaten by a better one, you will probably end up having to pay a high price for your blinds, and this is certainly going to affect how often you’re able to steal them. Furthermore, there is always the possibility that you could lose, and therefore be outdrawn by a better hand. Therefore, you want to maximise your chances of winning, and avoid maximising your chances of losing.

All of this is still to say that there are times when you should play hands which are more advantageous to you. However, when you need good cards, you need to gamble! And the happier you are with your chips, the less likely you are to call the Big Blind with a hand like King-Queen.

All of this leads to the conclusion that you should play aggressively when you have good hands, and cautious with bad hands.

For example, you need a small pair to open in early position. If no one bets, you should call, unless the bettor is known to be very aggressive. You also need to assess the risk of being outdrawn by a better hand. If you’re certain you’ll win as a result, you should call. The Small Blind might check to you, and you need to make a judgement call. In many cases, if the risk is deemed to be too high, you should fold.

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