When to Claim a Poker Bonus

Choose when to claim a promotional poker bonus to boost your return of investment. Choose when to use the promotional bonus to maximize your earning potential. Claiming a bonus is essentially free money, so it is important to make the most of it.

When to Claim a Poker Bonus

It is possible to play online poker without a bonus. However, the cautious player will want to claim the promotional bonus as soon as possible. The reason for this is the chance that the poker room will match your deposit amount. If you miss the deposit, you will have wasted a chance to earn bonus money.

The best way to maximize your bonus is to make multiple deposits. For example, you can make a deposit for an additional amount each time you earn a point on the site. The idea is to play the best possible poker and earn as many points as possible. Each time a point is earned, you earn a corresponding reward from the site. Most sites have a loyalty program as well, wherein you gain points for viewing promoted content, receiving member promotions, and becoming a member.

Often, sites will offer you poker bonuses that have no requirements attached to them. These perks are incredibly valuable to the casual player, especially if you can earn multiple bonuses. The drawback is that the poker bonus is not always easy to earn. You may need to refer a friend, or accumulate a significant amount of points in order to redeem the bonus.

While it is difficult to maximize a bonus, players can still exceed the rakeback offers available from many poker rooms. Rather than receiving a bonus, players can earn rakebacks by playing regularly, and playing on multiple tables. Since these promotions are generally short-lived, they allow players to claim poker bonuses frequently, and repeatedly.

The best part about rakeback, however, is that the poker site is covering all your expenses

The best part about rakeback, however, is that the poker site is covering all your expenses. You are not spending your own money to earn these bonuses, nor are your incoming winnings considered as part of your rakeback amount. In other words, the dollar amount you spend on poker bonuses is not the only dollar amount you are going to receive. Most rakeback deals provide players a fixed percentage (usually 30%) of their rake back at the end of the month.

With this type of rake back deal, poker enthusiasts will be able to save a large percentage of their rake each month. Since poker rakeback is credited to your account every month, a player can earn up to 60% of their rake paid back to them each month. Even though other perks within poker such as promotions and loyalty program bonuses may offer better returns, a high rake back percentage is virtually the same as a high sign-up bonus percentage.

On top of the monthly rake back bonus, there are also promotions offered on successful deposits. One promotion offered by online poker rooms offers a new account holder’s entire poker rake back for a certain deposit amount. Again, the loser in this situation is not only the original deposittor, but also the affiliate that referred the player to the site.

With this variety in poker bonuses, it is important to exclusive research the various offers available, to make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully, to make sure you understand the requirements in order to earn the bonuses, and to make sure you understand the bonus deny methods in order to avoid misunderstandings with your rakeback provider. Because these bonuses are generally shorthanded, poker players should enter a lot of different rakeback providers to qualify for the highest maximum bonus allotments.

More than being clichs, these promotions are actually the ideal way to earn poker rakeback because the poker room is giving back a portion of their rake to players, both fresh players and generally existing players. The specifics on how much, exactly, is returned vary greatly, ranging from 50% to as high as 83%.

With this amount of money, either accumulated from your poker rakeback deals or from a referral, you will have quite a few ways to earn at least some of your poker rakeback. Your rakeback provider will have different options for you to choose from, so make sure you select one with the best bonus offer for you. Still, even with the best rakeback deal, it is unlikely you will be able to reach the 500 global rakeback mark without mastering the necessary skill sets and strategies. Because of the nearly unlimited, free-type offers online, the opportunity is there for all to use their skill to win big poker rakeback.

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